Employee response

Our Sales coordinator Darja Wagner is part of Solibro since 2013. After her apprenticeship and a stopover at the reception she found her way to our Sales Department:

“During my vocational training as industrial clerk I had the chance to gain experience in several company departments as e.g. Human Resources or Finance and I was entrusted diverse commercial tasks at that time. I can now benefit from that experience in my daily business at the Sales Department. Starting with my first job at the reception after my apprenticeship I could successfully enter into employment and I had the chance to even develop myself into a new position in the company a short period of time later. I was offered a new position at the Sales & Marketing Department as Junior Sales Coordinator which I happily accepted. My new colleagues fully integrated me right away and the new challenge is great fun.”

Andreas Rupprecht is one of four shift leaders in our module production. His career is unique in our company and shows how personal effort can lead into success:

“Within the framework of an advanced training of the agency for labour I made a traineeship at Solibro for several weeks and was hired as operator in the production line shortly afterwards. Only 3 month later I was allowed to take over a team and became not only a team leader but the deputy of the shift leader as well. Today I am shift leader – I was able to achieve that after only 14 month in the company. Despite the rapid development of the company and the solar industry the team spirit is still huge and many colleagues remain faithful to the company. There are approx. 15 employees of my shift that are part of the Solibro family since 10 years now.”


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