Research and Development

Solibro’s dedication to CIGS goes 30 years back in time when the founders of the company started their research in the field. The R&D has through the years resulted in several innovations and achievements of efficiency records. Currently our company holds the efficiency world record for thin-film modules: 18.7%.
Solibro performs R&D within the areas CIGS material and processes respectively module & system design at Solibro Research AB in Uppsala, Sweden but also at our headquarter in Thalheim. 

All activities are focused to find ways for improving the CIGS-based system-efficiency and to lower the cost for system solutions based on Solibro modules. A clear road-map for efficiency and cost is the baseline for the work forward. Activities include continuous development of the proprietary CIGS-deposition machinery.
The Solibro R&D team has a broad network and collaborates in its work with R&D colleagues within the Hanergy group and with many different external partners, of which the most important is Uppsala University, the origin of the company.


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