SL2 thin film modules are well suited for commercial and industrial roof installations, for example on shopping centres, factory buildings or warehouses.
Thanks to their frameless design which facilitates self-cleaning, the modules can be installed almost parallel to the roof. You can therefore cover nearly the entire roof area, without losing valuable space between the module rows.
The flat installation angle also leads to lower substructure costs and ensures a stable performance the whole day long, which is particularly beneficial for users who generate power for their own consumption.


Solibro's cutting-edge and elegant carport solutions allow to use more space for your photovoltaic system. Whether you are already using e-mobility or utilising the additional power for other applications, our recommended carport installations are an investment for the future that pays off in every respect.


The yield advantage and reliability of Solibro's CIGS modules “Made in Germany” can be well exploited when using the products for classic ground mounted systems. Especially in hot regions, significantly more energy can be generated, which reduces the levelized cost of electricity.